Meet the Maker- Neatline Designs

Neatline Designs is a graphics and illustration experimentation that was born from staff meeting doodles. I am a middle school art teacher and mixed media artist with a focus on radial designs and environmental issues. In my intricate mandala designs I explore the experiences and feelings I encounter while exploring the world. The designs are inspired by observations in wild spaces and a sense of place. The patterns capture the simple, organic, and geometric lines of the natural world. Surrounded by endless inspiration I am constantly growing and evolving my artistic practice. I have been reproducing and selling my artwork for three years now. I do all of the original drawings by hand and work with a printer in Boise to create reproductions.

Despite the neat and orderly nature of my work I am actually a messy, hands on creator! I love exploring new mediums and trying different art making techniques. My mandala drawings force me to slow down and serve as  a powerful meditative practice.

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