Gift Boxes


Our giftboxes are thoughtfully curated with all Idaho goods, and are sustainably packaged in a simple yet durable craft box! No more strange gift baskets you don't know what to do with, ours can be reused or recycled easily.  These are gifts that people will love receiving as much as you love giving! 

Each box is paired with a locally made card and we can even personalize that card and send the gift directly to the recipient, making the gift-giving simple, easy and painless!

If you would rather your gift came in a hand printed tote bag (instead of a box) which is a great reusuable gift all in its own, simply add the tote bag you like to your order and let us know in the notes! 

If you see other things you would like to add to your gift box simply add them to your cart and let us know in the checkout notes!

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If you're looking for something specific that you're not seeing here, send us a message we can make something up for you!