Meet the Maker- Kerri from Little Orange Tent

Hi! I'm Kerri (Anne). I'm a Northwest native and self-taught artist making art for wild places from McCall, where I live, write, direct fundraising trail races, and work as a nonprofit manager. All of my art is hand-drawn/painted, and inspired by my favorite wild places, my favorite books about wild places, and by the amazing species that inhabit this big, beautiful planet—from the forests, deserts, grasslands, and high-alpine mountains to the vast oceans. I paint primarily with handmade watercolors, but I love to experiment with all kinds of mediums, including ink, acrylic, gouache, plant-based pigments, and block-printing.
I love creating and celebrating place-based art most of all, and living in the mountains is a gift I never take for granted. Every day I'm outside, I'm inspired. And every day I'm outside, I realize how much we all need pristine and protected wild places for future generations of explorers. That's my favorite part about making and sharing art: Watching people of all ages connect with my illustrations and paintings as they recall their own memories of beloved and formative time spent outside.

I've enjoyed (making and supporting) art all my life, but I started painting and selling my own art via Little Orange Tent in late 2017, after realizing I wanted to use my art as a vehicle for supporting and bringing attention to wilderness and oceanic conservation efforts. I currently sell my art locally in McCall, as well as online in my Etsy shop (, and participate in local and regional art shows throughout Idaho. A portion of every sale I make is donated back to conservation and social justice nonprofits.


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