Meet the Maker- Ahizpak Designs

While I will always have a place in my heart for the original Basque cultural theme of Ahizpak Designs, my lifelong dream of going to a big university has taught me that there is a place for both new and old work (and ways of thinking). Now I feel a shift towards discovering a deeper meaning in a project – beyond just its beauty. Historic references, ties to other works, and an understanding of why art can be so powerful has inspired my desire to always explore deeper meaning in how, what and why I create.

With inspiration all around, I often find myself wanting to capture a memory or a lovely moment out in nature. Even as a young child, I carried home pretty rocks, flowers or post-mortem bugs and would figure out a way to enjoy them just a little longer. Now that I’ve learned that my delights can be crafted into jewelry, preserved in resin and enamel or welded into a metal sculpture…I’ve been able to hold onto some of my favorite things. Being a person that finds new purpose in discarded treasures, upcycling details has been both a social and emotional narrative in my more recent projects.

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