Creekside Mallows, Assorted Flavors
Creekside Mallows, Assorted Flavors
Creekside Mallows, Assorted Flavors
Creekside Mallows, Assorted Flavors
Creekside Mallows, Assorted Flavors
Creekside Mallows, Assorted Flavors
Creekside Mallows, Assorted Flavors
Creekside Mallows, Assorted Flavors
Handmade Idaho

Creekside Mallows, Assorted Flavors

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Creekside Mallow was born from a backyard campfire and sleepover when our daughter, Grace, had a light bulb moment and rushed into the house and yelled, “We should open a gourmet s’mores store!” We didn’t act immediately but the idea stayed in our minds, prompting conversations about how the store would have to revolve around an exceptional marshmallow. Our search came up empty in looking for a source for better than average mallow. We began to research and experiment with recipes until they came up with the perfect hand-crafted mallow.

Contains: Sugar, Water, Corn Syrup, Gelatin, and Natural Flavors

Naturally Gluten Free- Not a certified GF kitchen.

• Birthday Cake
This colorfully sprinkled mallow practically sings “Happy Birthday” on its own! A cake batter flavored marshmallow generously dusted with multi-colored sprinkles will be on everyone’s list this year! one is a favorite of all the kids and the “kids at heart”.
• Caramel Apple
• Chocolate Chip Mint
Mint Chocolate Chip Mallows are so smooth and creamy with that nice, cool, minty taste sprinkled with just the perfect amount of dark chocolate chips. They make an amazing s’more reminiscent of a yummy grasshopper pie or those irresistible cookies that we are all a sucker for every spring! Here’s the ticket though, you can get our mint chocolate chip mallows ALL YEAR!
• Cinnamon
Imagine a cinnamon gummy bear, only in a marshmallow! 
• Cookies & Cream
• Cotton Candy
• Huckleberry
Nothing says Idaho more than the taste of our Official State Fruit: Huckleberry. This sweet little berry packs a lot of unique taste! In our huckleberry mallows, we use a natural huckleberry flavoring and, in addition to that, we stir in a bit of actual huckleberry preserve to give them a “just picked off the bush” flavor all wrapped up in a fluffy mallow! This is an excellent choice to send someone to give them a taste of Idaho or just enjoy yourself because really, it is awesome to live in a state that produces such wonderful taste!
• Mocha
• Pecan Turtle
• Peppermint Chip
• Raspberry Cheesecake
Introducing Raspberry Cheesecake Mallows! Pair this fresh, natural raspberry with a rich creamy cheesecake.  Swirled together to create a beautifully delicious combination!  Design a new s'more combination, or eat 'em right out of the bag! 
• Salted Caramel
• Toasted Coconut
This beauty is one of our best sellers with good reason! Amazing, coconut marshmallows dusted on the top and bottom with delicious, crunchy, toasted coconut. One bite will have you thinking coconut macaroon married with coconut cream pie. So soft and fluffy, they are just melt-in-your-mouth yummy!
• Toffee Crunch
Toffee Crunch mallows are a fan favorite! They are the perfect combination of English Toffee and Pralines and Cream with the perfect amount of actual toffee bits stirred in. These mallows are excellent in any capacity from a delicious candy bar s’more, to a melty addition in your cocoa or coffee! Grab a bag and share with a friend!