Meet the Maker- Cindy and Carley of C+C Felt Balls!

C+C Felt Balls was created by two moms and friends with simplicity and fun in mind!

We are often asked, “So what exactly do you do with felt balls?!” And our answer is always the same—“Anything!” Holiday, everyday home, and party decor. Wreaths, Christmas ornaments, embellishments of all kinds, and even cat toys are among the long list of things our customers love to use felt balls for. One of our favorite uses of felt balls is to add a garland to any kind of existing holiday or celebratory decor to add color, dimension, and a little bit of whimsy!

We love the idea of being a part of life’s sweetest moments in the simplest of ways. We, the creators of C+C Felt Balls, are minimalists at heart ourselves, and have found felt ball garlands to be the perfect addition to any home/holiday/party decor that doesn’t break the bank or require loads of extra storage. Whether it’s decor for your child’s birthday party, a wedding, graduations, and important holidays, or even being the finishing touch in your new baby’s nursery, C+C Felt Balls is here to help!

C & C Felt Balls add the perfect dash of color and fun to any home or event!

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