Meet Martha Mendoza-Backen of A Succulent Day!

I am Martha Mendoza-Backen, the plant lady behind A Succulent Day. My obsession with succulents and cacti comes from growing up in a family who adored plants, in a town rooted in a lush tropical forest in Southern Mexico. Succulents have always captivated my heart with their resiliency and beauty. In 2016 I founded A Succulent Day because I enjoyed creating living wonderlands to brighten up people’s days and spaces. And today, A Succulent Day has become the place where art and nature come together to give life to unique gifts and experiences. I get to grow, talk to and arrange hundreds of succulents, all day, every day! My absolute favorite is sharing the knowledge by offering private workshops and teaching succulent lovers how to get their hands dirty, create arrangements and speak the succulent language. It is uplifting to design and create living gifts for people, and bring nature into homes, businesses, and events.

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