Medium Hand-turned wooden bowl
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Medium Hand-turned wooden bowl

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Wide selections of different hardwoods in each and every handcrafted Item, these are not dyed in anyway, these are the natural wood colors.  

After cutting and shaping, these everyday bowls are left in their natural wood state and finished with food safe materials letting the beautiful natural colors of the hardwood shine through. 

Sizing is approximate as these are all individually handcrafted.

Assorted woods used, for identification of woods visit or text a picture to 208-789-7165.


  • Put the bowl in the dishwasher. The heat and long exposure to water will warp and splinter the wood. 

  • Submerge/dunk/let sit in any type of standing water or liquid. The wood will absorb the water and lead to potential warping

  • Use bleach, this may stain the wood and will excessively dry the wood.

Cleaning and care

Wash your bowl with warm water and soap and scrub well. Using a high volume of water and scrubbing is more important than the soap as the water is flushing any food or bacteria off of the bowl under the running water. After washing, IMMEDIATELY towel dry.

Always towel dry your bowl after washing and place on it’s edge to dry thoroughly. This allows your bowl to dry evenly and prevents many issues that arise from excessive moisture.

JDH Board Butter can be used to add the luster and shine back to your bowl after successive washings.