Abigail Geode Concrete Air Plant Pot
Abigail Geode Concrete Air Plant Pot
Handmade Idaho

Abigail Geode Concrete Air Plant Pot

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These vessels are carefully made with semi precious ethically sourced stones and finished off with liquid gold leaf to give it a touch of glam! Plant not included, fits small plants.

Height: 2.25″
Width: 1.75″

Each concrete planter is made out of a specially created (by me) proprietary concrete mix. They are hand poured in small batches, carefully sanded, cured, and sealed before the bottom of each pot is stamped and lined with protective bottoms. I apply 3-4 coats of sealant to each item in order to get a shiny ‘finished’ look, most people can’t even tell it is concrete! 

Since each pot is handmade, the colors will all be unique and not exactly as pictured. Concrete tends to have a mind of its own when it is poured so the pots may have bubbles and color variations, I try to keep these to a minimum but I can assure you that each pot will definitely have its own personality!


Made by: Geoform Designs