handcrafted cedar soap tray
side view of cedar soap tray with ostrich brand
American Ostrich Farms

Cedar Soap Saver Tray

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Enjoy your favorite bar of soap longer than ever thanks to our simple, yet effective soap saver - crafted by hand from sustainably sourced, 100% natural materials. Each soap dish is branded with our classic ostrich logo.

Made from American Red Cedar and finished with Organic Coconut Oil and Organic White Beeswax to resist mold and mildew.


A sister brand of American Ostrich Farms, AOF Skin Care has set out to revolutionize the way beauty products are crafted, and consumed. We believe that every choice makes a difference and when common sense meets a common purpose, we can do what’s right for generations to come. Say goodbye to old-fashioned, synthetic skin care and hello to a future we can all look forward to.