Double Sided Walnut Wood Comb
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Double Sided Walnut Wood Comb

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A Solid Walnut Wooden Beard Comb That Looks Great And Works Even Better

This wood beard comb is so beautiful that if you didn’t already have a beautiful beard, you’d want to grow one just to use it. Our wooden beard comb for beard or mustache is double sided with a fine and a wide tooth side, so it’s useful for different beard types and purposes. And at approximately 4 inches long, it’s perfectly pocket-sized.

Why use a wood beard comb? Using a natural product like wood provides several benefits to your beard. Wood is naturally anti-static, so it contributes to controlling those fly-aways. In addition, the natural wood fibers absorb your natural beard oils as well as the nutritious boils from your beard balm and spread it throughout your beard as you comb. That mean that your comb actually gets better as you use it!

Size: 4” x 2 ¼” Due to the hand made nature of this product, size can vary slightly